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Advanced Lawn Care


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About Us

Advanced Lawn Care helps commercial and residential clients who are struggling to develop and maintain beautiful yards and landscaping, by creating customized lawn solutions so they can realize the full potential of their business or home.
At the heart of our success are the relationships with our clients that earn us long-term business based on a commitment you won't find from the big guys.
The most important thing to us is proving to you that we are worth more than you pay us. The only way we can do that is by delivering an amazing result that you will be proud to show off.


  • Custom soil analysis
  • Short and long-term plans
  • Budget-friendly monthly plans
  • Mowing/fertilizing
  • Lawn Care


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Gallery Image 5fecf9ed83f67d324964d184_Wausau%20Lawn%20Care-2-p-800.png
Gallery Image 5fecf9ce01bdfa047ba5c899_Merrill%20Lawn%20Care-5-p-800_290121-103642.png
Gallery Image 5ff35c9e46f9b3c98db47aa1_Test%20Soil-p-800_290121-103655.jpeg
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Gallery Image 5ff38a95a1049ff5e64d3c3d_Office%20Parking%20Lot-p-800_290121-103728.jpeg
Gallery Image 5ffcb884761edcd8801c1a0e_540CDCD0-CC87-4F93-95FB-D787DE13D12Bremoteeea595a64423eb1160db25cfc8bdaf926bbd0909-2-original-p-800_290121-103742.jpeg

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